Sex Tourism Countries where Prostitution is Legal –  is a word that has existed since humans inhabited this earth. In many countries, especially among inter-religious states, prostitution is one of the things prohibited by the state and government, whether prostitutes are closed or open to the public. Even prostitution is regarded as one of the crimes against human decency or morals and apparently against the law. However, the fact is prostitution is secretly continuing to spread throughout the world.

Sex Tourism Destinations

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In every city in the world, there are even places used explicitly as a place of disguised prostitution. Although citizens know prostitution is prohibited, the existence of localization is usually left alone because they do not want to look for trouble. So this prostitute tour continues to overgrow until now. It estimated that there are currently 40 million prostitutes worldwide. For those of peoples who often travel to various places and find a place to have fun, this activity commonly referred to as Sex Tourism besides prostitutes.

Best Sex Tourism Countries & Prostitution List

Below TRIPIVY will discuss 10 countries that legalize prostitution, in which country prostitution is considered legal and has become commonplace, following the list of countries with legal prostitution:

  1. Thailand

With an average of 45 out of 10,000 women choosing a career as prostitutes, Thailand is well-suited to be called the sex paradise not just for outsiders, even men from other neighboring countries. The average tourist concentrated in Patpong, Bangkok, which their said to be the best area to subscribe to young and beautiful prostitutes at a not-so-expensive price or one of the cheapest prostitutes in the world and Asia. In fact, Thailand is also famous for sex workers and gay men. Though the prostitution is illegal (but not entirely illegal) in Thailand, it is allowed as long as the rules made, and the sex worker gets a genital infection test. State officials with interest in the presence of prostitution or having the benefit of prostitution will protect the practice of prostitution in Thailand.

  1. Japan

Indeed sex in Japan is not a taboo in their Japanese cultures. If we type for sex in Japan keywords on Wikipedia or Google, we will find various strange history about sex in Japan. For residents in Japan, being a virgin when the first night of marriage is very embarrassing for those who married at the age of more than 20 years. This fact means that they are indeed the lower-level type in their association. This thing has not only happened recently, but it has been since the days of the Japanese empire in the past. Formerly all the women were given to the Japanese soldiers for their impulse, and their parents were willing to do so.

  1. Denmark

Sex is a very natural thing in Denmark, so the people there are not directly embarrassed by the activity. When free sex becomes usual, it is no wonder the capital city of Copenhagen is one of the fastest growing sex tourism destinations and one of the best sex tourism cities in the world. Shops selling sex tools opened in kinship areas, and brothels displaying sex workers in exciting conditions became a common sight in the Scandinavian country.

  1. Italy

Italy is one of the wealthiest countries with history and cultural values that have existed for thousands of years. However, a green culture does not necessarily translate into the moral of society. From the destruction of Pompeii after the volcanic eruption suddenly obliterated the ancient sex city from the map of the world one day before, to the sex scandal of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who is available fond of subscribing top-class prostitutes in 2011, Italy is synonymous with the sex industry and full of glamour. With the above facts, then Italy is one of the legal countries for prostitutes activities and become one of the famous sex tourism countries in the world.

  1. Germany

With an average of 49 sex workers per 10,000 women, Germany has an open policy toward the prostitution industry. Unlike other EU countries, prostitution is a vast, systematic, and justified industry of German law. In fact, a survey showed more than 60 percent of German women ever cheated on their partners.

  1. Norway

In this list, Norway is the most protective of its sex workers. The prohibition of sex trade activities that have been in effect since 2009 makes it difficult for prostitutes to get customers, but Norwegians are open to choose their sex partners. However, you should note that prostitution in Norway is illegal.

  1. Spain

No doubt, the Spanish women are beautiful and sexy. Although Spain is a country with high Christian and Catholic links, but this country known as one of the best prostitutes in the world and their brothel prices are among the highest in Europe. Recently, the court ruled that sex workers in Spain would have the right to have workers’ rights and be able to claim unemployment benefits after no more extended working. Interesting right?

  1. Finland

Sex is considered a positive thing in Finland, and there are even people who choose not to marry to allow them to exchange pairs without committing. Most Finns are fond of actual sex, and that is what permitted within the culture of the community. Finland belongs to one of the countries where prostitution is legal but should not be an organized business. TEMPEP has conducted a study in 2010 that says 69% of prostitutes are migrants (source).

  1. China

Increasingly evolved Chinese culture, causing frequently changing sexual activity in the country. Want proof? In just over eight years, 5000 stores of supplies and sex supplies have been established and located in only one city, Beijing. Plus China has SEXPO, where Chinese citizens come to check the sex equipment. 70% of the world’s sex products made in China. For the things mentioned, China is on the list.

  1. Mexico

Mexico entered the list of most free countries for sex tourism, their teenagers became the worst hit until May 2008, and the Mexican government distributed 700,000 copies of textbooks about sex to all the students at the school. Ironically, although the prostitution is illegal in Mexico, in some cities is considered legal as Tijuana. Mexican Government considers prostitution to be illegal when involving underage children (18 years and under). Thus Mexico became one of the famous sex tourism destinations for the foreign community and became one of the countries where prostitution is legal.

  1. Netherlands

If in many countries talk about prostitution is taboo, but it will be different if we are in the Netherlands. Even there where prostitution is an essential requirement and of course the citizens are familiar with the problem of prostitution. One of the things that stand out is with the Red Light District to do window shopping. The Netherlands became one of the countries where prostitution is legal in Europe, but the last few years the government has closed many brothels because of unwanted crimes.

  1. Canada

Canada becomes one of the famous countries where prostitution is legal but with the rule: illegal to buy but legal to sell. The name of “Canada” comes from the word Huron-Iroquoia Kanata, meaning “village”. The country with the capital Ottawa is also one of the nations that legalize prostitution. Canada with an area of 9,970,610 square kilometers is considered localization; prostitution is deemed to be illegal. However, on December 20, 2013, the Canadian high court or supreme court found the law that it is unconstitutional. Canada classified as a developed country with abundant natural produce. Major cities in Canada include Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. The country legalizes prostitution if for its sake, but it would be illegal to prostitute others.

  1. Brazil

The most populous country in Latin America, in the 1990s, is estimated to reach about 1 million prostitutes. The Brazilian name derived from the name of Brasil wood, a kind of local wood. Brazil is an extensive farm and tropical rainforest. In this country prostitution is the most prominent business. In this country the same legal prostitutes, and become pimps are free.

  1. Israel

This country is the only Jewish state in the world. This country legalizes prostitution. Approximately 3000 to 5000 women have been smuggled into Israel and sold as prostitutes. Israel becomes one of the biggest and famous sex tourism countries in the world. Although Sex tourism is legal in Israel and one of the countries where prostitution is legal in Europe, the Israeli government does not permit organized prostitution businesses such as prostitution and pimps.

  1. New Zealand

The country was most keen to legalize prostitution around 2003, and at that time it began to be legal for prostitution in the country. Instead, brothels are licensed by the government and operate under public health and labor law. And this country is one of the most visited as sex tourism destinations because of the countries where prostitution is legal in the world.

Note: This article aims to be a reference and learning resource, not to be used for prohibited activities and unclear activities.