How to Use Chopsticks Properly for Beginners

How to Use Chopsticks – Chopsticks are one of the eating tools originating from East Asia namely China, Japan, and Korea, but now chopsticks are already used by all the people in the world. Whether it is when eating at home, famous restaurants that serve the Best Japanese Food even when eating in street stalls.

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This tool is used to replace the spoon, especially food originating from East Asia. Chopsticks usually made of various materials, such as bamboo, metal, and plastic chopsticks. Also, there are many type and version of chopticks, like Japanese, Korean and Chinese chopsticks, and there is two size of chopsticks, big and small chopsticks.

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Although already used throughout the world, but there are still many people who are still confused how to use chopsticks. Yes, many peoples find it difficult when they want to use it to take food when eating using chopsticks. For people who used to use this tool will undoubtedly be straightforward when using it, but for people who use chopsticks for the first time, of course, will be difficult. In fact, not just a beginner, usually people who used to using chopsticks too often feel a little trouble when using this cutlery.

How to Use Chopsticks

How to Use Chopsticks

Below TRIPIVY provides easy steps how to use chopsticks properly for dummies and beginners and learn how to eat with chopsticks, find out below:

  1. The first chopstick with the index finger

The first step to using chopsticks is to put your index and thumb finger on the top third of the chopsticks. The position of the middle finger is bent on the chopsticks, while the tip of the thumbsticks to hold the position of the chopsticks.

  1. The second chopstick with the middle finger

The middle finger is placed parallel to the position of the index finger and puts it in the upper third of the chopsticks. The middle finger and the base of the thumb flank the second chopsticks. This step is tell you how to hold chopsticks properly.

  1. The second chopsticks with the ring finger

The second chopsticks also supported by the ring finger on the bottom of the chopsticks. While the little finger doesn’t touch the chopsticks at all.

  1. Moving chopsticks

The index finger and middle finger are used to move the position of the first chopstick, while the second chopstick must remain and do not move. Keep trying to repeatedly move the first chopstick until you get used to it.

  1. Adjust the position of the chopsticks

After successfully moving the position of the first chopstick, now you should be able to make both chopsticks touch each other. If you feel the handle and the position of the fingers do not fit, try to find another way that makes you feel more comfortable and allows you to move the chopsticks.

  1. Try to take the food with chopsticks

When you have become accustomed to hold chopsticks and moving chopsticks, now you try to take food with chopsticks. Choose the food with the largest pieces, then bite a little. This way helps you to become more flexible in holding and using chopsticks correctly. Once you become more proficient with large intersecting foods, it’s time to move on to smaller pieces, like eat rice with chopsticks.

  1. Keep practicing

Practicing does not mean you have to force yourself to eat with chopsticks every day. You can use chopsticks to pick up small objects around you, such as wipes, pens, or anything else around you.

You may find other ways to how do you use chopsticks according to your style. In certain East Asian countries, there are also unique and ethical rules for using chopsticks. Do not hesitate if you want to learn more deeply because now you have understood the basics how to hold chopsticks and using chopsticks correctly with version or see the other version here.

Using Chopsticks Tutorial with Images

How to use chopstick infographic

Infographic about Use Chopsticks Correctly


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