10 Essential Japanese Chopsticks Rules

Learn about Chopsticks Rules – When visiting Japan and being invited to eat with the Japanese, they will understand if you do not understand the rules of using chopsticks. They will forgive you if you make some mistakes. But knowing a little about local ethics is the best way to make friends, win business, and imitate yourself as a good guest.

To be honest, it’s not easy to use chopsticks and for TRIPIVY visitors who have not been able to use chopsticks to pick up food, read the previous article on how to use chopsticks correctly. Eating with the chopsticks is an art, and even the Japanese themselves often find it difficult to use it perfectly. The good news is that by knowing some simple chopsticks rules, you will understand at least how to eat using Japanese chopsticks.

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Below TRIPIVY.com provides some of the Japanese chopsticks rules and learn about chopstick etiquette when invited to eat with your Japanese friends, check it out:

  1. Hold chopsticks correctly

It is easier to say than practice. This section takes a little time to use chopsticks correctly and adequately. Look at how others do it and be patient with yourself. If you want to learn to hold a chopstick, then practices yourself as often as possible and eat with chopsticks at home and do not be lazy to keep it just because no one is watching. Once you get used to it, taking food and eating with chopsticks will be easy.

  1. Do not eat directly from a shared dish

Take food from a large plate and place it on your plate and put it in your bowl before eating the food provided because this ethic will be very valuable to the Japanese and you will much appreciate as a good guest.

  1. Use the chopstick holder

Chopsticks Holder

Chopsticks Holder

Many Japanese restaurants will provide chopsticks. If the chopsticks are not in use, place them on the stand. If the chopsticks are of a disposable type, you will not get a chopstick holder. But you can make a holder using a chopstick wrapper. Chopsticks should never be put on rice because it resembles a funeral ceremony in Japan.

  1. Do not looking for food with chopsticks

Do not twist the chopsticks over the meal while thinking about what to eat. The attitude can be called greed (sashi bashi) by the Japanese, and indeed your image as a good guest will be lost in the eyes of the Japanese themselves.

  1. Don’t use chopsticks for digging food

Take food from the top position above the bowl. Do not dig to find something you want. And this is one of the chopsticks rules that are often disobeyed by most people.

  1. Do not lick the chopsticks

Do not lick the tip of the chopsticks or the Japanese call this as ‘neburi bashi‘. Japanese people will judge you as a dirty guest, would be embarrassed right?

  1. Be careful when giving food to others

Never give food from chopsticks to chopsticks because it resembles Japanese funeral activities, that is when the cremated bone moved to the jar. This thing is probably the biggest taboo in the Japanese table. You can move the food using chopsticks to someone else’s plates but ask for their dishes to get near you if the distance is too far. Ideally, you can ask the food provider to provide a pair of chopsticks placed on the dining table and use it whenever someone wants to move food to someone else.

  1. Chopsticks are not toys

Eat with Chopsticks

Eat with Chopsticks

Do not point by using chopsticks when talking or holding them for long periods of time without being used. Do not rub the two chopsticks together after being separated because it indicates you think the chopsticks are cheap.

  1. Do not cross the chopsticks while resting them on the table

Again, chopsticks should be placed on the stand and make sure their positions are aligned when rested. Crossed chopsticks resemble activities at funeral ceremonies of people in Japan.

  1. Do not twist the chopsticks into the soup

When you do that, it’s as if you want to clean the chopsticks. Sometimes tempting because miso soup looks like it does not dissolve evenly. Hold yourself!

In general, the essential chopsticks rules is that reminiscent of burial ceremonies. Remember if chopsticks are not just a tool to eat but also reflect Japanese culture. Ethical use of chopsticks differs from one culture to another. China and Korea have other rules.

If you try your best everything will be fine and do not overthink about the rules above or glued while using chopsticks. Chopsticks are a challenge for everyone, and even the Japanese are rare to master the art of using chopsticks and they also often forget the chopstick etiquette when used, exciting right?

Chopsticks Rules Infographic

Chopsticks Rules Infographic

Chopsticks Rules Infographic – tripadvisor.jp