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Icelandic Beer – If planning a visit to Iceland and talking about beer, then this conversation will be an interesting topic and many questions that arise about Iceland beer. What’s the best beer in Iceland? Is drinking beer in Iceland legal? Do Icelanders brew themselves to consume beer? And many other things become our question about beer in Iceland. TRIPIVY will discuss beer in Iceland and give you a list of the best beer you can get in Iceland.

Beer is something that must found while visiting Iceland. Why Iceland beer become the most requested by tourists? Because Iceland beer has a delicious taste, Iceland beer is also rarely seen in other countries. Lately, a lot of manufacturers are issuing their products with new styles and flavors. There are dozens of breweries in Iceland that produce hundreds of different brands and compete to produce unique products with the best taste in the market.

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But did you know that beer banned for almost a century from 1951 – 1989 and just recently beer became legal in Iceland. This prohibition occurs because the government wants to avoid bad responses from foreign countries that are famous for bad behavior because other states that legalize beer consumption. So in 1989, the government took action greeted happily by most Icelanders, as the government allowed the citizens to choose their preferred drink at the bar freely.

This decision starts with legalizing sweet nectar for public consumption. Since then, the best beer products have come up with good taste, but they are costly. Therefore the people of Iceland need to save their economies by brewing their drinks. With that method, they can market and display the brand according to their distinctive national identity.

Top 10 Most Popular Beer in Iceland

However, what is the best beer you can get in Iceland? Here will list the best beer in Iceland and top 10 most popular Icelandic beer:

  1. Lava

Lava Beer - Most Popular Beer in Iceland - Icelandic Beer

Lava Beer – Credit:

The best beer that you might find in Iceland is Lava Beer. This beer is produced by Ölvisholt Brugghús located in Selfoss and has been in operation since 2007 with five more brands of beer. Lava becomes one of the world’s famous Icelandic beer breweries and the alcohol content that given for each of these bottles is 9.6% ABV (Alcohol by Volume). The typical Lava Beer color is solid black, and this beer becomes the winner of the contest as the best emperor’s beers in the US Open Beer Championship.

  1. Skyrgosi

Skyrgosi Beer - Most Popular Beer in Iceland - Icelandic Beer

Skyrgosi Beer – Credit:

The second best beer is Skyrgosi which is produced directly in Iceland with collaboration from breweries from Denmark and the United States, namely Gædingur Brugghús. This brewing process uses the German Gose method by combining beer with the great Skyr Iceland. The resulting flavor is a typical Icelandic acid mixture of 5.4% ABV. Gædingur Brugghús beer producer has been operating since 2011 in a remote village in Northern Iceland, Skagafjörður.

  1. Leifur Nr. 32

Leifur Nr. 32 Beer - Most Popular Beer in Iceland - Icelandic Beer

Leifur Nr. 32 Beer – Credit:

The next best beer is Leifur Nr. 32 produced by Borg Brugghús using Leifur discovered by Leif Eriksson (Icelandic hero and first European living in America). The main feature of this beer is a typical blend of Iceland with Belgian Saison style that gives a sweet taste and a bit bitter. Although there is a bit of bitterness, Leifur Nr. 32 provides a distinctive Icelandic flavor and is one of the favorite beers for tourists and one of the best beers in Iceland.

  1. Gædingur Stout

Gædingur Stout Beer - Most Popular Beer in Iceland - Icelandic Beer

Gædingur Stout Beer – Credit:

Gædingur Stout becomes the fourth best beer in the best beer list in Iceland according to TRIPIVY version. With a delicious blend of coffee, chocolate, and caramel; this beer gives you a distinctly Icelandic flavor to accompany your beautiful evening in Iceland. Produced by Gædingur (micro-brewery) company that can purchase at the special bar, Vinbuðin, and Microbar.

  1. Einstök

Einstök Beer - Most Popular Beer in Iceland - Icelandic Beer

Einstök Beer – Credit:

Einstök, in English that means a tie. There are four products from Einstök which are very easy to find, like Wee Heavy, Arctic Pale Ale, White Ale, and Toasted Porter. The manufacturer located in Akureyri that has been testing the flavors for years and using the original ingredients of Iceland. The average alcohol content of each Einstök beer is about 5% – 8% ABV.

  1. Kaldi Blonde

Kaldi Blonde Beer - Most Popular Beer in Iceland - Icelandic Beer

Kaldi Blonde Beer – Credit:

In addition to Einstök, the most famous beer in Iceland is Kaldi Blonde which is a bottled beer by means of the tradition of Pilsner brewing. The taste of Kaldi Blonde beer is a bit bitter with a soft texture and uses 5% ABV of alcohol. Kaldi Blonde is a beer produced by Bruggsmiðjan Kaldi brewery which has been in operation since 2006, and the manufacturer is famous for adding sugar or preservatives to their production beers.

  1. Úlfur

Úlfur Beer - Most Popular Beer in Iceland - Icelandic Beer

Úlfur Beer – Credit:

Úlfur means Wolf, a popular beer flavor with hoppy and orange flavored Indian style. Úlfur has an alcoholic level of 5.9% ABV and has a high price. The beer produced by Borg Brugghús which has started operating in Iceland since 2010. The beer lovers are those who want to try the typical Icelandic taste and often enjoyed during the night party in this cold country.

  1. NR 8.2 and NR 8.4 Surtur

NR 8.2 and NR 8.4 Surtur Beer - Most Popular Beer in Iceland - Icelandic Beer

NR 8.2 and NR 8.4 Surtur Beer – Credit:

Borg Brugghús also produces other Icelandic most excellent beers, namely NR 8.2 and NR 8.4 Surtur which included imperial stouts. The alcohol content in a bottle of beer is very high, reaching 14.5%. So, you have to be careful if you drink this beer because it can eliminate your straight thoughts. Both of these beers have a bitter taste with a mixture of sweet roots, sugar, coffee and black chocolate (NR 8.4) and vanilla with a mix of intoxicating oaky aromas (NR 8.2).

  1. Bríó

Bríó Beer - Most Popular Beer in Iceland - Icelandic Beer

Bríó Beer – Credit:

Bríó is also a beer produced by Borg Brugghús company in addition to NR 8.2, NR 8.4 Surtur and Úlfur. However, Bríó Beer contains the lowest alcohol content compared to other beer from this beer producer which is about 4.5%. This beer has a distinctive flavor like the smell of a velvety textured biscuit with a lot of foam. If you want to spend the night in Iceland with not too drunk, then choose this beer which included as one of the best beer in Iceland.

  1. Brennevin

Brennivin Iceland - Most Popular Beer in Iceland - Icelandic Beer

Brennivin Iceland – Credit:

Brennevin is one type of traditional Icelandic beverage that became a favorite of Icelanders during the party and has existed for a long time. This drink produced with the fermentation of soft potatoes with a mixture of fermented plant seeds.

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