Most Delicious Traditional Icelandic Food

Traditional Icelandic Food – Iceland is famous for its uniqueness and peculiarity in their food, as is typical food with refined fish and foul-smelling foods. But do not judge something from the cover, because Iceland’s food is famous for its delicious and nutritious. Curious about a list of favorites food in Iceland? TRIPIVY will give you 10 list of Iceland Food that is famously delicious, strange and unique.

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Below will give you top 10 most famous and delicious traditional Icelandic food, check it out:

  1. Hákarl – Fermented Shark

Hákarl - Unusual Traditional Icelandic Food

Hákarl – Credit:

Hákarl is a typical and traditional Icelandic food that smells almost like a carcass. Despite having an unpleasant aroma, but the people of Iceland think this food is a delicious and precious food. Hákarl is part of the Icelandic tradition. Thorrabalt is a tradition that obliges Hákarl to be a must-have menu. Thorrablt is a winter festival in the country of Iceland since the 19th century. Even today, the culture is preserved and belongs to one continuous food, Hákarl.

The hákarl dish made from Greenland fermented shark meat. This type of shark has a very high toxicity and has a foul odor. Therefore, this shark meat can consume after going through the processing and fermentation stage. The outside people usually call this food with Iceland fermented shark.

  1. Puffin

Puffin - Unusual Traditional Icelandic Food

Puffin – Credit:

The people of Iceland have a unique favorite food that is the raw heart of the Puffin bird. This small black and black fur seal is a typical Icelandic cuisine. More unique, the bird’s heart was eaten raw. The dish is considered very delicious by Icelanders and one of the most favorites traditional Icelandic cuisine.

  1. Skyr

Skyr - Unusual Traditional Icelandic Foods

Skyr – Credit:

As a snack, Icelanders used to consume Skyr, a type of yogurt. Skyr is food that almost shaped like a soft cheese mixed with milk. Skyr served with sweeteners such as sugar or blueberry pasta. It tastes good and a bit sour.

  1. Harðfiskur

Harðfiskur - Unusual Traditional Icelandic Food

Harðfiskur – Credit:

Icelandic cuisine influenced by its cold region and far from the other areas of Northern Europe. This small island nation surrounded by a vast and frozen Arctic sea. A variety of frozen water Icelandic fish such as haddock, herring, and halibut become one of the primary protein sources consumed by Icelandic society. In addition to being cooked directly and served, the fish also preserved. The most famous dried Icelandic fish in the country is called Harðfiskur. Harðfiskur processed by aerating a haddock fish until it dries like a jerky.

  1. Brennivin

Brennivin - Unusual Traditional Icelandic Foods

Brennivin – Credit:

If you can sip this drink without grimacing, you are stronger than most Icelanders who have tasted it. Scandinavian liquor made of fermented mushy potatoes, and plant seeds. This unique cocktail usually served with two delicious dishes such as Rotted Shark Meat and Hakarl, fermented shark meat.

  1. Svið

Svið - Unusual Traditional Icelandic Food

Svið – Credit:

Svið is an authentic Icelandese dish in the shape of an adult sheep’s head halved, skinned, then boiled by removing parts of the brain. Historically, Svið presented at the time of the food crisis in Iceland when people felt affectionate to provide only one part of the body of livestock as a preparation for food. Svið usually served along with þorramatur, and another traditional Iceland dish served in buffet form when celebrating Þorrablót festival in mid-winter. Svið is also a source of processed sviðasulta (head cheese or brawn of fermented Svið meat). This food in Iceland is one of the must-try foods if you are visiting Iceland.

  1. Prins Póló

Prins Póló - Unusual Traditional Icelandic Foods

Prins Póló – Credit:

One of the favorite foods of the Icelanders is chocolate, and there is one of the most famous chocolate brands, namely Prince Polo (known as Prins Póló). Prins Póló is a renowned chocolate since 1955. This Icelandic food is suitable to serve as a dessert after tasting the primary food of Iceland accompanied by Brennivin.

  1. Plokkfiskur

Plokkfiskur - Unusual Traditional Icelandic Foods

Plokkfiskur – Credit:

Iceland is famous as a producer of fresh and nutritious fish. Therefore, there is a dish typical of Iceland food that uses fish as the main ingredient of food, namely Plokkfiskur. Plokkfiskur is a fish stew consisting of haddock filets smoothed with white sauce and potatoes. Icelandic food usually served with wheat bread and Icelandic butter. Many families in Iceland serve this food as the main menu of families with their version. If you are visiting Iceland, do not forget to try this food because it is delicious with typical Icelandic fresh fish.

  1. Sheep’s Head Jelly

Sheep’s Head Jelly - Unusual Traditional Icelandic Food

Sheep’s Head Jelly – Credit:

This meal is a special meal and mandatory meals for parties in Iceland. The festival that often serves this food is Þorrablót. This festival will certainly serve the jelly head that is usually made in autumn and preserved in acidic condition. This meal made with squid pieces which are suppressed into thick bread and have a very unpleasant smell. This dish is typical food and traditional Icelandic food.

  1. Kjötsúpa (Meat soup)

Kjötsúpa - Unusual Traditional Icelandic Food

Kjötsúpa – Credit:

Kjötsúpa is a typical Icelandic food that uses sheep as the main ingredient of food. The making process of this food is by cutting hard and high-quality sheep meat, the lamb is cut into some small pieces and boiled with bones, rice, carrots, radishes, potatoes, onions, and spices. Kjötsúpa simmered for an hour before being served, but to make this food more delicious, Icelandic people cooked this dish for a day. Kjötsúpa is one of the best traditional Icelandic food that you must try in the cold country of Iceland. Read the other list of Icelandic food here.

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