Strange Japanese Candy List for Souvenirs – Candy is one of the most popular snacks to eat when visiting different countries such as Japan, known for the famous ‘Japanese Candy‘. Well, because it’s candy is one of the souvenirs, gifts, or snacks that you should try and buy when visiting Japan to celebrate the famous Japanese festivals or for holiday only, and bring home to your own country for family gifts or work partner gifts. Because in addition to having a delicious taste, Japanese candy also has a strange and unique shape and purpose.

If the sweets produced in Japan have a precise indication or purpose, the Japanese must explain the philosophy they mean when making candy than any other country. Because their candy is so unique, ranging from having a particular function to something purely weird, their candy often made for many purposes.

Most Strange Candy in Japan to Bring Home

Travel Magazine – Here TRIPIVY provides 20 of the most strange Japanese candy for a gift or souvenir with cute Japanese candy box that offered by Japan peoples to bring home, such as:

  1. Breast Enlargement Enhancement Gum

Are you a woman? Not happy with the size of your chest? Bust Up gum makers claim that chewing their products will make your breasts larger and denser. They also say that this chewing gum will beautify the appearance of your hair and your knee. Believe it or not, of course, to prove this you should try it for yourself. Maybe you can visit this candy maker when you are visiting Japan or make this one as your things to do in Kyoto, maybe.

  1. Yuzu Kit Kat

Yuzu Kit Kat - Japanese Candy

Yuzu Kit Kat – Source:

Japan loves to create mixes and fusion even from different regional favorites. In this version of the Kit Kat, they added Yuzu (Japanese cross between lemon and lemonade) with peppers. Yes, peppers! Maybe this candy will suit you who a Vegan is.

  1. No Time Gum

Want to travel or want to go out but do not have much time to get ready? Not enough time to brush your teeth? This chewing gum is a quick way to make your teeth clean. Merely chew after eating, and your teeth will be cleaned right away by chewing this gum.

  1. Mens Gum (Mr. P Gum)

The creators of Bust Up gum also make gum for men, they say that this candy can enlarge the size of your penis. So for those of you who feel less manly, please buy this candy when you’re in Japan or as a gift for your friend who has Mr. P with small size.

  1. Echizen Kurage Candy

This candy is composed of Echizen kurage, a jellyfish measuring about 6 feet with a weight of 440 pounds. Developed by students from Obama’s Upper School of Fisheries, this sweet snack is made with the flavor of a blend of jellyfish and caramel. Its products are also available in cake form. Ever tried eating a jellyfish?

  1. Every Burger Candy

Every Burger Candy - Japanese Candy

Every Burger Candy – Source:

Have you ever craved a shaped chocolate cake to be like a burger? Yes, you do not need to dream anymore. Every Burger has all the candy you are looking for. If chocolate is not your favorite, but a burger yes, then you can taste hard candy burger flavor. Nyam!

  1. Ika Candy

This sweet dish consists of dried squid wrapped in chocolate. Why not? The French do it with ants if you do not know yet.

  1. Okonomiyaki Candy

This is a candy based off of Okonomiyaki or Japanese Pizza. Mayonnaise, cabbage, and radish. All the flavors of these vegetables mixed in this candy. Which you call yourself as a Vegan, try to eat this candy. Okonomiyaki is a famous Japanese food and this candy is one of the famous Japanese candy for souvenirs.

  1. Roasted Lamb Caramel Candy

Yes, you do not read wrong. These caramels are roasted lamb. Is there indeed? Yes, in Japan all things can happen, including candy with caramel that comes from cooked lamb.

  1. Pepper Fruits Candy

Chewing gum is made from a variety of fruits that mixed with pepper seeds. It does not sound as good as it seems. Actually pepper seeds belong to the fruit you know. Fruity, Peppery! Fit it right? Also, you must try and eat this Japanese snacks when you are visiting Japan for your holiday.

  1. Takoyaki Candy

Takoyaki Candy - Japanese Candy

Takoyaki Candy – Source:

This candy based on Takoyaki, food in which the octopus was sown into a ripe dough. Then after being cooked, it is given mayonnaise and green onion or shavings of skipjack tuna. This little candy said it tasted like “full meal.”

  1. Cake Soda

No, this is not baking soda for cookies. You may not be ready to eat the cake because it’s not around you, but now you can drink the cake. Light soda that has a taste of this cake is guaranteed to damage your teeth, but after drinking, you can eat No Time gum.

  1. Chocolate Beer Candy

Japan is not the first in mixing beer with chocolate. Perhaps the makers think they can combine two pleasures in one product. Any beer with chocolate in another country?

  1. Green Milk Tea Kit Kat

Green Milk Tea Kit Kat - Japanese Candy

Green Milk Tea Kit Kat – Source:

Do not have time to make green tea milk and drink slowly while warm? You can still enjoy the taste of the Kit that has a feeling of milk and green tea. Healthful is not it?

  1. Campaign Candy

It seems that Japan is just as interested in American elections in 2008 as it echoes the American population. They make candy shaped like Obama and McCain, as well as candy that says, “Vote.”

  1. Medication Candy

No, this is not what you think it is. It does not mean you converted when eating this candy. This is just a candy enriched with supplements that will give you energy and improve your brain function.

  1. The Art of Chocolate Candy

This sweet dish is pure chocolate. But the reason the producers made will sound strange according to women from the western region. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is for men and these chocolates given to the men of the women on Valentine’s Day. This candy is included as the best Japanese candy art list.

  1. Chewy Chocolate Candy

Gummy Choco Meiji - Japanese Candy

Gummy Choco Meiji – Source:

Surely you like, just imagine chewy candy shaped things like bears and then wrapped in brown. The most popular chewy chocolate is making by Meiji with ‘Gummy Choco’ brand.

  1. Coffee Gum

This candy can be used to make your mouth smell with the aroma of coffee in the long term. The smell of coffee was fun.

  1. Devilish Egg Candy

Not exactly what makes the candy shaped exactly like real food, but you’ll lose the true sensation if you miss something that looks like the yolk.

Japan is always famous for their unique and strange products. This set of candy or confectionery is just one of them. Have you ever tasted one of that strange Japanese candy above? Do not say not before trying yes, as long as there is no allergy or certain restrictions and also read the other snacks in Japan, here. (TRIPIVY.COM)