10 of the Most Popular Traditional Foods in Japan

The Popular Traditional Japanese Foods List – Japan is a country with a robust culture, even many people from other countries who like Japan because of their unique culture. Besides rich with culture, Japan is also very rich with traditional Japanese food which certainly has a distinctive taste. From various Japanese food menu, there are Japanese food which is as a snack and Japanese food menu to make the stomach full and get energy from the food.

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Here are some of Japan’s most favorite and famous foods that have been collected by TRIPIVY. Below are top 15 most favorite and popular traditional Japanese foods:

  1. Sushi

Sushi - 10 Most Popular Traditional Japanese Foods

Sushi – Credit: t4mag.com

Undoubtedly, Sushi is the unique and distinctive Japanese food that has good taste and is famous all over the world. Sushi is a typical Japanese food consisting of rice formed with side dishes in the form of seafood, meat, and vegetables. The Sushi’s rice has a sour taste that is flavor with a mixture of vinegar, rice, salt, and sugar. Sushi has a delicious taste and not only that, and Sushi has a high nutrient that is good for the human body. Even, Sushi included in the list of the most delicious foods in the world.

  1. Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki - 10 Most Popular Traditional Japanese Foods

Okonomiyaki – Credit: seriouseats.com

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese food processed with wheat flour, cabbage, chicken eggs, seafood or pork and fried on a flat pan called Teppan. Okonomiyaki is one type of Teppanyaki cuisine that can be eaten with instant or as a side dish of rice. Okonomiyaki is often eating with a flat spoon called Kote (Hera) which also functions as a Sodet when it reverses Okonomiyaki. The most traditional Okonomiyaki type is called Butatama with the contents of thin slices of pork and tied to is squid slices. Modanyaki (modern yaki) is a type of okonomiyaki with the addition of steamed noodles so that people who eat to be full quickly.

  1. Takoyaki

Takoyaki - 10 Most Popular Traditional Japanese Foods

Takoyaki – Credit: youtube.com

Takoyaki is a typical food of Osaka and Kansai that has been famous in the eyes of the world. In Japan, these foods often found in every festival, celebration, and other events. Shaped like small balls made of flour dough filled with octopus pieces inside. Takoyaki usually sold in the form of a set containing 5 to 10 bits. Takoyaki is presented on a boat-shaped plastic sheet or inserted into a transparent plastic package to take home and eat with the family.

  1. Soba

Soba - 10 Most Popular Traditional Japanese Foods

Soba – Credit: taste.com.au

Soba is one type of Japanese noodle made from horse wheat flour. In Japanese, Soba can also mean as a Chinese egg noodle cooked into Yakisoba or Ramen. After being boiled, Soba is washed with water and cooled before serving. Soba usually ate after being dipped into a soup called Tsuyu and this Japanese food usually served cold called Morisoba or Zarusoba. Soba included as one of the best foods in Japan.

  1. Yakiniku

Yakiniku - 10 Most Popular Traditional Japanese Foods

Yakiniku – Credit: timeout.com

Yakiniku is a typical Korean food but adapted with a typical Japanese spice. Yakiniku in Japanese terms means roasted meat. In extensive coverage, Yakiniku also includes a variety of beef dishes, or roasted refuse, such as beefsteak, roasted lamb, and barbecue. Meat is cooked over a fire using an iron grille or on a teppan with rectangular pieces often stabbed with a puncture of metal before baking.

  1. Onigiri

Onigiri - 10 Most Popular Traditional Japanese Foods

Onigiri – Credit: thespruce.com

Onigiri is a familiar food and the food mostly found in Japanese anime and comics. This Japanese cuisine is famous for its excellent taste with very easy and simple way of making. Onigiri ate by hand, not using chopsticks. Usually, Onigiri is eaten instantly or eaten with special spices to be more delicious. This food made from rice that has compressed when still warm and triangular or round shape. Onigiri has many flavors such as tamarind, fish eggs, and fish meat.

  1. Mochi

Mochi - 10 Most Popular Traditional Japanese Foods

Mochi – Credit: chichilicious.com

Mochi is a Japanese pastry made from sticky rice that has been ground into soft and sticky, then made into a round shape. In Japan, these cakes often prepared and eaten during traditional Mochitsuki festivals or Japanese New Year celebrations. Mochi cake has a distinctive flavor that is soft for the first time and gradually becomes sticky in the mouth.

  1. Curry (Kare)

Curry - 10 Most Popular Traditional Japanese Foods

Curry – Credit: heytheresia.com

In addition to India, Japan also has a delicious Curry. The difference of Japanese Curry from Indian Curry is that curry in Japan has a softer and less spicy texture. This food included as one of the most favorites Japanese national foods. Japanese Curry has many variants of flavors and ingredients such as chicken curry, seafood curry, and cow curry. Japanese Curry is one of the best Japanese dishes that you should try when visiting Japan.

  1. Ramen

Ramen - 10 Most Popular Japanese Foods

Ramen – Credit: epicurious.com

Everyone would agree that a Ramen is a form of serving the best noodles in the world and best cuisine in Japan. Many people are crazy about eating delicious that often appear in the ‘Naruto’ anime. Ramen is a typical Japanese noodle and one of the most popular traditional Japanese foods. In Japan, Ramen is very popular in various circles because of many ramen shops on the streets of Japan. Ramen is very suitable to eat when the cold weather because the warm and spicy sauce makes the body warm and make us addicted.

  1. Teriyaki

Teriyaki - 10 Most Popular Japanese Foods

Teriyaki – Credit: delish.com

Teriyaki is a way of cooking a cooked Japanese meal or baked in a frying pan or iron grille to bake with Teriyaki sauce (tare). The teriyaki sauce made from soy sauce (Shoyu), sake, and sugar. While making Teriyaki, the ingredients to baked are dipped and smeared with Teriyaki sauce until several times until the food thoroughly cooked. In Japan, ingredients used in Teriyaki dishes are fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, trout, marlin), while outside Japan is used various types of meat (chicken, beef, pork) or squid and some are from sweet potatoes.

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So, when you are on vacation to Japan then do not forget to try the top 10 popular traditional Japanese foods that TRIVIVY.COM has collected from various articles and reliable sources.